Basic Info

Product Description

    Ref PS250 Compact Panel Saw / Specifications
    Motor (Induction) 1500w, 240v
    Maximum Blade Size 250mm
    Maximum Depth of Cut 80mm
    Max Rip with Right Hand Extension 610mm (305mm without)
    Blade Bore 30mm
    Blade Speed 4000rpm
    Table Height 890mm
    Sliding Beam Size 1000x220mm
    20' Container 108 sets in one complete package
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 1291mm x 1002mm x 999mm
    Packing size(3 box/set) 68x62x50cm     101/127kg
      42.5x52x10cm   4/6kg
      103x28x5cm       5/7kg
    Weight 110/140kg