Basic Info

Product Description

    Multi-Functional  Lathe CQ6232BZx910/1000mm
    Max.Swing Over Bed :   300mm(12")
    Max.Swing Over Cross Slide :   Φ180mm(7")
    Max.Swing Over Gap :   430mm(17")
    Distance Between Centers :  910/1000mm
    Spindle Bore :   Φ38
    Taper Of Spindle Bore :   MT#5
    Range Of Spindle Speed :   65-1400rpm(or 65-1810rpm)
    Range Of Longitudinal Feeds :   0.079-1.291mm/rev
    Range Of Cross Feeks :   0.017-0.276mm/rev
    Range Of Metric Threads :  0.4-7mm
    Range Of Inch Threads :  4-60TPI
    Max. Travel Of Tailstock Quill :  100mm
    Taper Of Tailstock Bore :   MT#3
    Motor Power ;   1.1/1.5kw
    Unitary Packing Of Lathe :   1680/1850x750x1400mm
    Asundel Packing Of Lathe :   1680/1850x750x740mm   700x460x380/300mm
    Net Weight :   540/620kgs
    Max.Drilling Capacity :   25mm
    Max.Distance From Bench To Spindle Nose :   232mm
    Spindle Speed Steps :   Variable Speed
    Spindle Speed Scope :  Low:100-1000r/min   Hight:100-1000r/min
    Size Of Work Table :   340x120mm
    Max. Travel Of Spindle Quill :   80mm
    Max. End Milling Capacity :   25mm
    Max. Face Milling Capacity :   50mm
    Head Stock Stroke Z :   230mm
    Motor :   600W
    Net. Weight :   130kgs
    Unitary Packing Of Millhead :   1060x630x740mm
    Asundel Packing Of Millcombo :   1680/1940x850x1650mm
    Quick Change Tool Post(U.S.A style) or Quick Change Tool Holder(Germany Style) is optional.