Basic Info

  • 75 Distance Between Center:1000mm
  • 74 Width of Bed:206mm
  • 73 Max Swing Over Gap:506mm
  • 72 Max Swing Over Cross Slide:220mm
  • 71 Max Swing Over Bed:360mm

Product Description

     Precison metal lathe machine CQ6236F
    Swing over bed:360mm
    Length between centers:1000mm
    Spindle bore:52mm 

    Model CQ6236F

    Item Metric Inch
    Max swing over bed 360mm 14"
    Max swing over cross slide 220mm 8-5/8"
    Max swing over gap 506mm 20"
    Width of bed 206mm 8-1/9"
    Distance between centers 1000mm 40"
    Taper of spindle bore MT5
    Spindle bore 38mm OR 52mm 1-1/2" or 2-2/5"
    Step of spindle speed 8 or 16 step
    Range of spindle speed 90 or 45-1800rpm
    Spindle nose D1-4
    Range of metric threads 37Nos 0.4-7mm 22Nos 0.45-7.5mm
    Range of inch threads 28Nos 4-56TPI 40Nos 4-112TPI
    Range of longitudinal feeds 42Nos 0.043-0.653mm/rev
    42Nos 0.0017-0.0257inch/rev
    40Nos 0.0304-0.746mm/rev
    40Nos 0.0012-0.0294in/rev
    Range of cross feeds 42Nos 0.015-0.22mm/rev
    42Nos 0.0006-0.0087inch/rev
    40Nos 0.0076-0.254mm/rev
    40Nos 0.0003-0.01in/rev
    Pitch and diameter of leadscrew 4mm 8TPI
    Travel of carriage 840mm 33"
    Travel of cross slide 178mm 7"
    Travel of top slide 92mm 3-5/8"
    Travel of tailstock quill 115mm 4-1/2"
    Diameter of tailstock quill 45mm 1-25/32"
    Taper of tailstock quill MT3
    Power of motor 2/3.3HP
    Net weight 750kgs 1667LBS
    Packing size 1950x760x1480mm